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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knowing YOU'll be in all my tomorrows, makes my today so wonderful.
:) 305 days, and counting...

Friday, May 21, 2010

I care...

because I love you.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

While you're having driving lessons..

All days are nights to see till I see thee,
And nights bright days when dreams do show thee to me.
~William Shakespeare, Sonnet 43.

Missing you, quite badly.

Monday, March 22, 2010


He stands in the hallway, solemn in the face, wrapping his hand tightly around the phone. Silently he prayed among a million other things that were on his mind that she’d say something on the other side. Options raced through their minds, yet words seemed ever so elusive, talking had never been so laborious. Having been suddenly slapped with such a magnitude of reality, they were both left speechless. He had to leave. Not just for a day or two, but for 6 years to further his studies. Someone had to break the ice sooner or later. But he, he was somewhere else. Walking trough the boulevard of memoirs…

The sea of steel and concrete lit up inch by inch as the Sun’s radiance pierced trough the azure skyline. White beds of fluffy cotton dotted the skies, with its wings like it’s never been wings but a conquering soul voyaging across the vault of heaven. Muffled sounds of birds twittering filled his room that break of dawn. Even the neighbor’s dog seemed to bark less. The once awfully dreaded wee hours were now a quality bonding time with Mother Nature. He was going out with her that day. And that…that made everything perfect.

“…Baby…” she finally said.

They spent weeks planning it to perfection and months more working to foot the bills, which are bound to tail the jaunt. And when the day finally came, nothing could wipe that face of his from his smile. Not intended to be beamed at anyone else… but just a smile that is conceived from the depths of his heart. A simple smile, a curve that sets everything straight.

“…there’s something…” still not managing to pull him back to reality.

This had all only happened before in his many reveries. He could merely remember himself dreaming of going on a vacation with his Juliet. Topped off with an outburst of feverish agitation, he had jumped from cabs to trains just to reach there ahead of time. And she was, of course, late. But when she finally stood before him, he could’ve sworn the only thought he had in mind on that exact moment was simply… “Wow!” Even until this very day, he found no word fit enough to replace it.

“…we’ve gotta…”

They took the commuter next to the Tasik Selatan LRT Station, which will lead them to the bus, and only by then they’ll be conveyed to Genting Highlands. Yes, quite a long and tiring journey but just the thought of spending it with her makes it all worthwhile. The station busied itself as dozens disembarked from the aged voluminous commuter. The sounds of people chattering and heavy footsteps were drowned out by the booming cry of the commuter as it left the terminal. He didn’t notice any of these, for his eyes were set upon hers, ears upon her lips and heart, only she knows where she kept it. He thought to himself, “How on Earth did I get so lucky?”

“…talk about…” plunging him back to his senses.
“I’m all ears, honey.”
“I’ll…I’ll wait for you. If we’re meant to be, we’re meant to be… I’ll wait for you… even if it is for few more years…I’ll wait”

After the darkest hour, the sun will shine again. Like a candle in a sea of shadow, like the break of dawn before the day they went out. She cleared his heart of his doubts and unveiled to him that such unconditional love could exist in a world of fake smiles and half-truths.

p/s : I've hit the jackpot when I've found you. :)
p/ss : And they lived happily ever after~ LOL

Monday, December 14, 2009

Memoirs of a student

High school life is officially over
sadly, didnt put as much effort in it as I should have.
Waking up at 5.30 in the friggin morning,
just to waste another day

Saya Pasti Mampus.
(SPM) the mother of all the stupid tribulations..

Day 1.

I saw this.
"WTF" LOL XD ahahaha
nice gretting :)

SPM is so lame.
they ask questions like..

"A boy's heart beat accelerates after running, which of the following shows
the rate of heart beat after he stops running"
then they give u a graph showing in answers A,C and D that the boy's heart beat
goes down and comes to a halt.
what the... LOL
moral of biology, dont run. u'll die.
and another XD

*melting of ice at the poles.
*Increase in sea level.

what is the environmental phenomenon?
A.Acid Rain (what the...)
B.thermal pollution
C.thinning of ozone layer
D.Global warming

it reminds me of the end year exam during kindergartden :)
minus the part where i bully all the kids around

weeks before the exam.
u know how polar bears hibernate throughout the winter?

Gained 3 kilos...
Went to my cousin's bday dinner.
there's this really out of the ordinary cake

that IS a cake.
we have to just eat her dress away XD ahaha
there's actually a naked barbie doll inside LOL

Throughout the exam.

went to a couple of movies with my girl :)

and then went to eat some more with my girl..

I know these updates have been on pending since...
lol but i didnt have the heart to remove how we began from the top
of this page..
even though it no longer is on this page, but it'll always be in my heart :)

she loves the cheese sticks
i have competition LOL

Well, more is to come.
so many updates :S

*taken during Spm.

p/s honey, i love you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Gift

The LRT was packed beyond reasoning that day. The light of the evening poured in through the many windows of the train. Standing next to one of the windows, he can generally outline the congregation outside of the Car Park A of the Stadium Bukit Jalil. He can hardly believe the tidings conveyed to him by his own eyes. There must be at least thousands of people already there before him. To his horror, almost everyone in the train, as far as his eyes can take him, alighted alongside him.

Reaching there first, he could not help but feel anxious and nervous at both not being able to get a decent seat and about the girl he was about to meet. There he was, rushing to the stadium thinking that he was late. At length she arrived. She was clad in a black tee shirt, with her was a hint of blooming rose. Her sleek and shiny hair was tied into a ponytail, giving her an energetic look. Armed with a brimming smile, she conquered his heart effortlessly.

The first few of the performances that night failed to deliver its promises. Dampened further by the pouring rain, the both of them made an accord to leave the concert grounds. They lumbered out with heavy hearts as they knew that the best is yet to come. After a mediocre meal at the restaurant situated a stone’s throw away from the concert, the cloudburst subdued into a mild drizzle. Anon later, they assuaged themselves at the bench not far away from performance, laughing at the thought that they are actually getting a better view of the show upon the stage from here.

A light was cast so that their shadows were hurled onto the ground that is before them. Their shadow’s contour made them look as though they were leaning on one another. They spoke of problems embedded deep within their weary hearts. Of obstacles in which they stumbled upon, problems in which the rejoinder to, they are in the dark, while still enjoying the company of one another. His thoughts warred within him. He was not sure if he had enough courage to do it. Lengthily he spoke again.

“Do you see our shadow over there?” He asked with his heart pounding beyond any means of control.
“Yeah, I didn’t notice” she replied.
“I really envy my shadow” He said.

At this, she turned over to him, looking quite baffled and rather anxious about what he had said.

“I envy him cause he gets to lean on you…” He trailed off while looking her straight in the eyes. He then lifted her by the chin and planted his lips upon hers.

They say that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. Looking into hers, he knew that this was what he had been praying to Him for. He had asked of Him for someone to love him for who he is, for someone to make him smile, for someone who would bring a sense of meaning into his life. She was the perfect gift to him.

p/s sorry if there's any error :)
p/ss this is our story :P

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

6 days, 7 hours, 13 mins, 42 seconds and counting..

OMG everyone!!
one week till spm!!
and here i am !!!
heyy it rhymes XD

but seriously though..cant seem to be content with my present performance..
seriously lack of confidence in malay, history, eng, est, maths, moral, add maths, bio, physics and chem..
(PS : all the subjects i'm taking)

stupid tard cheated me into NOT skipping school..
if my memory fails me naught, including myself there was about 7-8 people in the class..
the worst thing is that my class isnt even close to be considered inferior to the others..

well i reckon that most of you guys can already outline that i'm in a relationship :)
a happy one for a change lol
she's great, really, she makes me laugh my ass off sometimes..literally...
she gives me the courage to once again let myself fall in love
and thats something lawl

life is a maze,
and love is a riddle,
for which the rejoinder is unveiled to me.

still, of course, wont forget about you guys la!!

p/s Michelle AND Vic XD

see if i can bring her over to singapore :P
you guys'd love her :)

p/ss : hopefully i can survive next week XD
p/sss : missing her ^^